Freight Forwarding

Although our name is DW AIR, these days, the majority of our shipments travel on the ground – but that doesn’t mean they move slowly.

Most of our ground shipments move via expedited trucking services. While we find that many of our customers seldom need to go with air transport, they do want their shipments to travel quickly. Toward that end, we often utilize line haul carriers that traverse the continent in surprisingly rapid fashion. Depending upon the day of the week, we can get a shipment out of Vancouver, BC (for example) delivered as far away as Miami, Florida in 2 business days.

If you simply need to move a couple of pallets from Los Angeles to Omaha, or a full load from Atlanta to Calgary, and transit time is not particularly important, any number of transportation companies can handle the job for you – DW AIR included. If you need to move those same shipments quickly, your options decrease dramatically. Whether you’re moving original works of art, rare auto parts, big ticket consumer electronics, a one-off custom fabrication, pharmaceuticals, used items or interoffice files – we do it all. Whether you want the most economical service available, or you need a full speed ahead, spare no expense emergency delivery, DW AIR can do it, and we have been since 1988.

Do you need air ride trucking, inside pick up or delivery, liftgate or residential service? Do you require pickup or delivery at an unstaffed location, or a roadside construction site? We do all of that and more. We love challenging tasks, and welcome the opportunity to prove it.

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