Our Services

We offer a variety of service levels to meet most, if not all of your shipping needs.
Do you have product that is ideally best kept on the US side for rapid distribution into the States? Do you have trade show items that move in and out, but don’t really need to come all the way back to Canada? Learn about our warehousing services.
Same Day Courier Service
Vancouver, BC / Blaine, WA / Bellingham, WA / Seattle, WA ---- even Portland! We make the delivery even when up against rush hour traffic and presidential visits. Find out about our same day courier service.
Overnight Ground Service
Overnight ground service between Vancouver, BC, Canada and Seattle< Washington, USA. Find out more about our overnight ground service.
Freight Fowarding
Although our name is DW AIR, these days, the majority of our shipments travel on the ground – but that doesn’t mean they move slowly. Most of our ground shipments move via expedited trucking services. Find out more about our freight forwarding services.
Conventions and Trade Shows
Pickup and delivery of convention & trade show materials are some of the most critical tasks we perform for our customers. Learn more about our convention and trade show services.
Small Package Shipping and Receiving
We can hold your parcels for you or your preferred agent, or we can deliver them ourselves – right to your door.
Cross Docking
We can cross-dock your shipments to or from your preferred carrier at our Blaine, WA terminal.