DW Air was started in Blaine, Washington in January of 1988. Our primary customer base has always been the greater Vancouver, BC area. From day one we have excelled at providing our Canadian customers with the very best trans-border freight forwarding into and out of the U.S. Our success and growth over the years is mainly attributable to word of mouth advertising from our family of satisfied customers.

Although we began as primarily an air freight forwarder, our use of ground carriers has increased so significantly that we should probably change our name to something a little more inclusive. However, our air freight heritage has left its mark on every shipment we move. Since those early days, DW Air has specialized in time definite service. Even when our customers don’t care when a shipment delivers, we strive to get there ahead of the competition. We can’t help it — it’s in our nature.


For those unfamiliar with the term, freight forwarders are essentially travel agents for freight. We bundle the services of other companies into one seamless package. Just as a travel agent can book your flight, hotel, car rental and side trips, we arrange pick up, flight or long haul trucking and delivery to the customers door. If your shipment needs to clear customs, we can even help you with that. Quite often you will find our prices to be less than you would pay an integrator or trucking company for the same service. In addition, for those destinations that your normal carrier doesn’t service, we can get your shipment just about anywhere. By way of illustration, let’s assume that you are shipping an item out of the US to the little town of High Level, Alberta, Canada. You need to send it there overnight because your customer is losing thousands of dollars per hour until he receives and installs the parts you are sending. You can’t turn the package over to one of the big name couriers because none of them service High Level, Alberta overnight….if at all. (Here’s a little geography lesson for you—High Level, Alberta (pop 3100) is as far north as Juneau, Alaska and about 800 miles east.) This is just one of the “impossible” tasks we are asked to perform, and by combining the services of up to a half dozen separate carriers, we consistently make this delivery in one business day. Here’s how we do it: One of our agents picks up the package and rushes to the most appropriate airline. The airline flies the package to Seattle, Washington. Our driver recovers the package in Seattle and rushes it up to another airline in Vancouver, BC –with a stop along the way to clear Canadian Customs. The airline in Vancouver flies the package to Edmonton, Alberta. Our Edmonton agent then transfers the package to yet another airline, and that airline flies the package to High Level. That’s real freight forwarding!

Chances are that your shipping needs are not as complicated as those illustrated in the above example. Maybe you just need to truck a couple pallets of your product from Los Angeles to Omaha, or move a full trailer load from Atlanta to Vancouver. Any number of companies can handle those jobs for you –DW Air included. But, to borrow an old football expression, when it’s 3rd and long, or 4th and inches, let DW Air carry the ball. We’ll get it into the end zone, but all the cheers will be for you.